15th October rehearsal

I missed Tuesday’s rehearsal this week as I haven’t been feeling too well. However in Thursday rehearsal I still wasn’t feeling 100% but I was determined to make the most of the rehearsal as the show is only round the corner. In this rehearsal we set the musical number ‘Perfect young ladies’. The choreography is simple yet effective. Tim has decided to use a few geometric patterns. For example we are all stood in a V shape at the beginning of the number and then at the end we change the shape into a inverted V. I believe I will need to recap this musical number a few times but then I believe I will nail it as I have jotted all of the steps down and I have also been rehearsing over the week. In this rehearsal we was also running the scene before ‘The Rivera’. This was difficult as people kept forgetting there lines and due to keep running the scene I started to forget my lines as we were overdoing it! However this was essential as we hadn’t ran the scene before the number. I honestly believe in next rehearsal we need to run the show the whole way through a few times so we can see what the pace is like etc. The performance is on Thursday 21st, im looking forward to it but like I said I believe its essential to just run it from now on as we need the pace to be quick and snappy in order to be a successful performance. I have also sorted my costume for the performance, I will be wearing a black bodycon dress with black dance tights, my character shoes and a red and gold neck scarf. I personally believe the neck scarf makes the whole outfit as it makes the outfit look like it’s a 1920s outfit. I was going to purchase a proper 1920s style outfit but Tim had told us not to waste money for this show therefore I decided to just use what I already have.

This scarf is rather similar to the one ill be wearing for the performance.

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