8th October rehearsal

In Thursdays rehearsal we went over the set choreography, I found this rehearsal extremely beneficial as i started to self identify where i was making mistakes for example in the Rivera, we do the Charleston a few times which was a popular dance step within the 1920s. However i kept starting with my left leg instead of the right and this was because it felt much more natural to me, when I had identified this i started to try prevent starting on my left leg, by the end of the rehearsal i had overcome this! In this rehearsal we also ran the scene before the musical number ‘The Rivera’ however Tim got slightly annoyed as some people didn’t know there lines confidently. In the next rehearsal we will be running the whole show from top to bottom therefore its important that i make sure i know my lines as i dont want to let myself or other people within the cast down, rehearsal time is crucial as the show is in a weeks time! I have also annotated my script completely now, adding the choreography i have done this as i explained in my last post that my movement memory isnt that strong therefore before rehearsal i can read through the steps to remind myself of the steps and rehearsal time wont be wasted!!

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