The Year Ahead…

I am now a third year student… Talk about intense…

After having a fabulous, relaxing summer break, coming back to training has hit my like a tonne of bricks. Over the summer i did continue to do abit of training for instance having singing lessons with my old singing teacher and attending some fitness classes as well as prepping for my dissertation. Despite this i honestly wish i would have kept more focused and trained much harder as well as preparing more for my final year.  I have just completed my first week back as a third year student and WOW i already feel shattered. This week has been pretty intense consisting of long days, dance classes and extra work load. Over the summer we didn’t get told what the first show was going to be or what needed to be prepared as such and this was due to directing issues etc however i wish we would of found out earlier so i could have organised myself when i had much more time.

Below is a list of things that i have had to sort out this week:

  • Headshots
  • Equity
  • Arden Stage door
  • Spotlight
  • Dissertation PrepImage result for workload
  • Online Blogging
  • Recording Sessions
  • Cover letter and CV for workshop
  • 16 bars for audition skills

Realistically there wasn’t actually that much of a heavy workload however after having alot of free time over the summer with no concerns, coming back to some workload puts more pressure and stress on to an individual because they have forgot what it feels like to have things to sort out with a deadline. I do think i have managed to have the correct and professional attitude towards the workload pressure,one method i used to overcome the stress was creating a to do list which reminded me what needed to be done and when for. Everyday i tried to minimise the list as i knew i wouldn’t have time to do it over the weekend due to work commitments.

(I will discuss the process of the things listed above in my next blog.)

One weakness that i faced this week was getting back into dancing, movement memory has never been my strength. Over the summer i didn’t have to use my movement memory skills and this was evident in this weeks dance classes. I found it extremely difficult to get back into it and because i was struggling i ended up doubting myself which then resulted in more stress which then lead to not been able to carry out the movement that i was been taught. As a performer I would identify myself as being my own worst critic, in most cases this would be seen as been a positive as it makes a performer, myself more engaged and determined to perform to the best of my ability but there is also a negative side to this ritual. The negative sides would be that I become disappointed in myself when something isn’t perfect which then leads to a lack of confidence and tension been created. ‘Don’t beat yourself up because you drop a line, forget a word, or don’t perform as well as you wish you had. We are all our own worst critic’ (Field, 2008:175). In order to get over this i need to keep positive and calm however this is easier said than done. In an ideal word one method i know which would help overcome this weakness is to drink a full bottle of vodka before a dance class however in a realistic word this wouldn’t be acceptable  and i am one hundred percent aware of this! Realistically  I need to start thinking about why my thoughts change and possibly write these down so I can think of ways to overcome the negativity. ‘Once we learn to recognise and identify these thought patterns as they occur we can start to have a choice about how to react’ (Meli, 2013).

As tutors and peers keep saying this week was our first week back and before we know it we will get back into the routine and our stamina, fitness and ability will improve and i do believe this, but i just need to keep focused and calm in order to develop and shine in my professional year.


Field, S. (2008) Managing your Career in Theatre and the Performing Arts. New York: Ferguson

Meli. (2013)  ‘The four Keys to Overcoming Negative Thinking.. For Good’ MrsMindfulness [28th May 2016]

Image result for workload and positivity


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