Today I had my last singing lesson before the assessment which is on the 1.05.15. We treated the lesson as if it was the actual assessment, we did this so I can get used to the atmosphere and also so I’m mentally prepared as well as checking that my repertoires and exercises are at a suitable, performance lesson. In my opinion the lesson was successful as I managed to perform the assessment criteria to a suitable level however I did make a few mistakes, below is a list of the feedback I received:

  • ee-aw – This went really well as I belted the whole phrase whilst been extremely supported and open.
  • Scale- This is the exercise that I have struggled on throughout the whole rehearsal process. Today I identified that I have been adding an extra phrase to the chords which explains why I haven’t had enough breath to perform the whole exercise. In the lesson today I performed these chords to a much higher standard compared to past rehearsals, however my voice did keep breaking whilst coming down the sale and this was because I wasn’t supported or lifted correctly, in the descending chords my break is obvious. Gavin said I should find my transition passage and practise the whole phrase slowly and smoothly to prevent my voice cracking in the assessment. In my opinion this exercise is something I’m worried about.
  • Study- I performed the study to a suitable standard remembering to add dynamics however I need to be careful on the descending phrases as in some cases my pitch wasn’t perfect.
  • I don’t know how to love him- This was performed to a great performance level, Gavin said that my expression was good and that there was no problem with my vocals throughout.
  • What it means to be a friend- Yet again the higher belt is something that I am still struggling on, I had the correct placement but on the descending phrase ‘even there and he’ I kept dropping my placement which resulted in the sound not been as strong therefore Gavin told me to keep thinking up even though I am singing a much lower note, this should result in my placement been in the correct place which will then lead to the sound I create been strong.
  • Maybe I like it this way- This was performed to a good standard however Gavin told me to not emphasise the lyrics ‘loves me’ at the end of the song as it makes the phrase sound forced.

As you can identify the weaknesses and mistakes which I made are things that I have posted as targets in my previous WordPress logs. All I can do is keep rehearsing and fingers crossed the assessment will be successful! I need to remain positive and not to worry about my weaknesses. Working up to the assessment I will continue to rehearse once a day as I would like to overcome my weaknesses to get a great grade on Friday!

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