Rehearsal Process

This evening I decided to rehearse the assessment chords and my chosen songs first of all in a rehearsal condition and then in an assessment condition in front of my family. Due to not singing much over the holidays and not exactly having fantastic vocal health. I found it difficult to sing however after carrying out a 20 minute vocal warm up, I soon picked it back up. When I was rehearsing I came to the conclusion that I still need to work on my breath control. I found it difficult to hold my breath and exhale the correct amount af breath to do the ‘ee.ay,or,ar’ vocal scale. I remembered to breathe in the letter of the first vowel this being ‘e’ but I still couldn’t grasp it. I think this may be due to thinking too much. I will continue to improve my overall breath control by using the hissing exercise which I have previously discussed in a post as well as continuing to go over this exercise. In my opinion ‘I don’t know how to love him’ is ready to be performed, I have blocked it and I am also confident with the lyrics, tune, dynamics and overall performance. I would also say this also applies for ‘Maybe I like it this way’. This evening I spent 1 hour working on my final repertoire ‘What it means to be a friend’ I worked on adding an accent as Gavin suggested it. I have decided to go with a child, American sound. I also blocked it, by this I mean I added movement and I thought deep into what message I will be trying to communicate and how. I decided to go with the message of explaining what it means to be a friend. In regardless to blocking I have decided to pretend I am writing a journal and im writing down my thoughts and opinions on what a true friend is. After doing this I performed the whole assessment to my family. Honestly in went good, however my family picked out two things which I need to work on. These being the assessment chords ‘ee,ay,or,ar’ they said it was obvious in my face that I wasn’t confident with it and that I was also running out of breath. And they also said in the song ‘What it means to be a friend’ I need to be more confident on the lyric ‘there’ the belty section. When they gave me my feedback I agreed with everything they had said because when I was performing these two things especially I knew I went off key or didn’t look confident. I am determined to overcome these weaknesses as I would like to do well throughout the actual assessment on the 1st May. All I can do to overcome these weaknesses is to keep working on them.

Regular rehearsing time is the key to success!  

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