Solo Singing Techniques Evaluation.

When I came to the Arden I came with a habit this being ‘movement of the jaw’ by this I mean I was moving my jaw more than necessary whilst singing. Gavin told me my jaw had too much tension and this is why I had this habit. He provided me with many exercises to overcome this. ( As time has developed I have identified that this has become much more controlled. Throughout the year we have also worked on breath control as this was also something that I struggled with, especially throughout the assessment chord ‘ (i)’ee’, (Ay), (Or) ‘O’ and (Ar)’. Gavin suggested a range of techniques to help me develop this and the capacity of breath my lungs can inhale. Breath control is efficient for a singer to create a clear, projected sound, which is controlled mainly by the diaphragm. ( As time has developed this has improved however I will continue to work on this by using the exercises I have been provided with. One technique that I have always struggled with is ‘diction’, I tend to not pronounce my words correctly which sometimes can be misleading from the listeners perspective. Gavin introduced me to the technique of focusing on the vowels in a phrase which will then lead to the consonants been pronounced correctly. ( It’s important that the audience understands every word a musical theatre performer sings in order for them to be able to understand the story that is being communicated. As time has progressed I have identified that my overall diction has improved and this is due to regularly performing this exercise. I will continue to use this in the future as it’s extremely beneficial not just for singing but for speaking in general. Over the year I have asked Gavin many questions including what kind of repertoire would suit my vocals. I personally would identify myself as a ‘belter’ who has a mixed range and a good blend meaning a smooth transition from chest to head voice, Gavin agreed with this. ( After listening to the ideas he suggested I decided to use ‘Maybe I like it this way’ as one of my chosen songs for the assessment. In my opinion this was a perfect suggestion as I had never heard of it before and it suited my vocals, I also liked the message being communicated throughout the song. Before I started at the Arden I didn’t believe in myself enough when it came to singing and this is still obvious today. I do believe in myself to an extent however it takes a while for this to be obvious. Gavin identified this as sometimes I back away from ‘belting notes’ throughout my repertoire, he is not the only one that has identified this. Belting requires the correct placement in order to support the voice without creating strain. The placement includes the soft palate been risen, less breath pressure, a dropped jaw and overall the sound been placed forward.  Many people don’t succeed when it comes to belting due to fear. ‘Releasing that fear and tension is one of the main keys to successful belting’. (Kristina Seleshanko 2002) Fear and overall confidence is the problem that is preventing me from belting correctly.  However when this happens I’ll go away and work on it in my own time until I believe the sound I am creating is strong enough. Gavin has explained the importantcy of believing in yourself and taking risks throughout this industry, and I thoroughly agree with what he says. I think I have a good personal rehearsal regime as I rehearse three times a week in a comfortable environment. I don’t have set times as I never know what my week may consist of however I make sure I find time. I start my rehearsal by reading over notes from my previous lesson, carrying out a 10 minute vocal warm up using exercises we have used in lessons. I then sing through what needs to be worked on, whilst doing this I record myself so I can identify the progress and it also enables me to identify my weaknesses which makes my word press logs easier. Rehearsal time varies every week as there is always something new to work on.  Throughout the year I believe I have shown a positive attitude to learning, attendance and independent work. I understand that there is still improvement to be made which I am determined to do. Overall I think I have progressed throughout the year as I am now capable of performing new techniques and new repertoires that I have learnt also my overall knowledge has increased.

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