Rehearsal Process

Since my last lesson I have been working on the last section of the assessment chords this been the ‘AH’ section, I have been doing this slowly so I can remember the correct tune of this bar. I have identified that in my previous video post of myself rehearsing these chords I am singing the last bar incorrectly. When I sing the whole phrase threw I tend to miss at least 3 notes of the last bar, I believe this is because I am unsure of the timing of the last bar therefore It’s important that I rehearse it slowly so I can identify the correct tune. There is an audio attachment in this post of me rehearsing the last bar slowly.  I have also been working on my chosen repertoire which is ‘Maybe I like it this way’ from the Wild Party. Whilst I have been rehearsing this I have identified that I find it difficult to pick up certain tuning of the lyrics for instance in the first section of the song the lyrics ‘Maybe I like it this way’ are sung twice but they are both sung differently. The first ‘Maybe I like it this way’ is sung going up the scale and the second one is sung going down the scale. I know I will eventually pick this up but it’s frustrating as it’s not that difficult but I’m finding it hard to find the correct pitch especially for the second ‘maybe I like it this way’. To overcome this I will continue to listen to the recording of the piano that I took in my lesson. The Wild Party tells the story of one wild evening in a Manhattan apartment shared by Queenie and Burrs, a vaudeville dancer and a vaudeville clown. In a relationship that includes vicious behaviour and recklessness (mirroring the time in which they live), they decide to throw a party to end all parties. And the song ‘Maybe I like it this way’ is where Queenie expresses her emotions about Burrs and his vicious behaviour, because she is so in love with him she states ‘Maybe I like it this way’ meaning having a vicious partner. In order for this song to be communicated correctly it’s important that I use emotional whilst performing this song, I could do this by adding dynamics. For example on the lyrics ‘I know it’s wrong, I know he’s rough’ I could sing these in a piano style (quiet) and gentle. And on the lyrics ‘Maybe I like it this way’ could be sung in a forte style (loud) and well projected. However before I start to focus on dynamics I will continue to learn the correct tune.


Below is a audio attachment of me rehearsing the ‘AH’ bar slowly:

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