On the 10th Novemeber in my lesson we continued to work on the assessment chords that we have been working on in previous lessons. I am now confident with the tune and timing of each vowel however my jaw is still moving far too much, Gavin said I need to keep my mouth open whilst trying to find the other notes, my mouth should stay in the same position at all times. Also we identified that I was adding an aspirated ‘H’ in the assessment half way up the scale he said for me to overcome this I need to have lower support/anchoring as it will help my diction be more clear and make it much easier for me to create the correct sound. He has asked me to work on the last bar of the assessment chords this been the ‘AH’ bar, I have to work on this bar as this is where I am getting confused and in some cases rushing this bar due to not having enough breath, he said the slower I practise it the more I will become aware of the tuning and pitch. In this lesson we also worked on my chosen rep ‘Maybe I like it this way’, today was the first time I practised this rep with a piano therefore I found it difficult to pick up the timing, it was a successful rehearsal however because I aren’t 100% confident with the lyrics it resulted in having a lot of breaks as I had forgot them, Gavin said we will work on small sections at a time and then put it all together when I know the whole song. For next lesson I intend to know and be confident with the first verse and chorus of this song, I have also recorded the music for this so I can make sure I sing in the correct timing, pitch and tune.

Below is a recording of the last bar ‘AH’ that I need to rehearse slowly:

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