In this weeks  lesson we continued to work on the assessment chords that I have been working on over the past few weeks. I have developed a lot when it comes to performing these chords, for instance my jaw hardly moves now because I have figured out how to prevent it from working too hard. However even though I have improved on this, Gavin has asked me to work on the whole phrase in my own time but singing each vowel separately and slowly. Whilst doing this I have to keep my mouth in the shape of the vowel and try not to change the positioning when going up or down the scale, I need to keep my mouth open and in the same position at all times, this way the exercise will remain much easier and strong as I won’t be working my jaw too much. In this lesson Gavin played the song study on the piano and I recorded this so I can be confident with the tune for next week’s lesson. We will start to work on this properly in my next lesson. In this lesson I also sung through my chosen rep ‘Maybe I like it this way’, Gavin complemented the song and said it suited my vocal range. One weakness we identified was that I give too much away at once and when I try to put emotion into the song my support collapses. For example at the beginning of the song the lyrics are ‘I know it’s wrong, I know he’s rough, I don’t know what to do because we’ve been through enough’. To me these lyrics need a lot of emotion behind them in order for the message to be communicated to the audience correctly. However because I have tried to add emotion it leads to my support not been as strong as it should be because I try to put emphasis on the words by saying them softly. Gavin said I need to make more space and support when I add dynamics otherwise the overall sounds i create wont be as strong as it could be. Soon as he explained this to me I understood exactly what he was trying to say! From now on when I add dynamics and emotion I will make sure that the sound is supported and strong.  Gavin has also asked me to listen to the last part of the song so I can pick up the tuning and correct timing, we will continue to work on my chosen rep next week.

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