singing lesson

My first singing lesson 29/09/14

On the 29/09/14 I had my first singing lesson with Gavin Bailey, in this lesson I sung through my prepared repertoire which was ‘Out here on my own’ from the Musical ‘Fame’. I did this so Gavin would be able to see how developed my vocals are and what needs to be worked on. Gavin immediately identified that I move my jaw too much whilst singing, I had been told this by previous singing teachers. In this lesson Gavin gave me a range of techniques that I could use in order to release my jaw, For example massaging the jaw. Also Gavin advised me to watch myself in the mirror whilst rehearsing my songs this way I will be able to identify how much I move my jaw. In this lesson we also identified that my transition between notes aren’t smooth therefore Gavin gave me a vocal exercise to help develop legato, in this post there is an audio clip of the vocal exercise Gavin gave me whilst doing this exercise I sing ‘AH’