6th October Rehearsal.

In today’s rehearsal we started to choreograph the musical numbers ‘Rivera’ and ‘The Boyfriend’. We also sang through all of the musical numbers with our MD Rob.  I found the choreography simple yet challenging this been because the steps are rather quick especially in the Rivera. The Boyfriends choreography is also simple yet challenging because it involves a lot of partner work which I haven’t done much of before therefore I find it slightly uncomfortable as I have to put a lot of trust into my partner who is Liam. Im sure I will soon pick it up and feel 100% confident with it but in order to do this I believe I should record the routines so I can watch it in my spare time, as my movement memory isn’t that strong. Ill record it all in next lesson. When we sang through the songs Rob started to give us a lecture on taking chances when it comes to our character, I totally agree with what he said and I will remember what he said as I found everything that he was saying true and essential in order to become a stronger performer. We listened to all of the solo and duets within the show too which was good as we got to see how our leads within the show actually portrait there characters. I intend to keep going over my lines for the show so I don’t forget them as well as going through the routines.

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