Historical person in the 1920’s?

Question- Find a historical person from the 1920s who would have influenced my character ‘Fay’? 

  • She was a campaigner for women’s rights and a pioneer in the field of family planning.
  • In 1918 she published a book called ‘Married Love’ the book became extremely popular within society resulting in 2000 copies sold within a fortnight. After her first book was published thousands of women within the UK wrote to her asking for advice. She later published a book called ‘Wise Parenthood’.
  • In 1921 she opened a family planning clinic in North London, the first one to open within the United Kingdom. It offered a free service to married women and also gathered information about the contraceptive pill. By 1930 many other services like this one also opened.

How did this influence Fay?

Fay is a young lady who is starting to become independent and she also has her first boyfriend which would lead to her wanting to experiment with her partner etc. Maria Stopes has influenced Fay and all of the other girls studying at MME Doubennets finishing school because the ladies now have reassurance which they have never had before. By this I mean they now have someone/services available to support them regarding issues with Birth Control, family planning and relationship counselling.

Reference List:

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