Historical moments that happened in the 1920’s?

The 1920s?

The 1920’s was the golden age for night clubbing, in 1921 a law came into impact called ‘The War Time Liscening act’ which basically means it was allowed for alcohol to be legally served until 12.30 am as long as it was served with food. However most clubs did ignore this. Also at one of the most popular clubs in London called ‘The Trocadero’ there was an competition where basically the best dressed female would win an outfit designed by Paul Poiret (Whos actually mentioned in the Boyfriend script). Paul Poiret was known as the best French costumier in the 20th century. All sorts of people with different ethnicity, culture and class would attend these night clubs.

How does this affect my character ‘Fay’ within the boyfriend? 

This would influence all of the young girls who are staying at MME Doubennet’s finishing school. This been because most of the students are actually from London so when they do go home they will more than likely go out with there friends., only if there parents allow them bearing in mind. However they may have friends back at home that go out all of the time which would then lead to them finding out what its like and possibly influencing them to try going out. Also as clubs started to become into fashion so did boys, outrageous behaviour and fashion. An example of this linking to the boyfriends script would be Fay says ” Mine too and rather daring too” when she says this shes actually referring to the dress she will be wearing to the party.

Thinking on a larger scale I also believe MME Doubennet may also be affected due to nightclubs coming into fashion. This been because most females in the 1920s started to go out on a regular basis which resulted in them meeting gentlemen and starting there own families. Therefore MME Doubennet would more than likely loose out on buisness as young ladies in London would start making families of there own at much younger ages.

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