The Historical Musical- The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend is a musical by Sandy Wilson, Which opened in London in 1954.The production ran for 2,078 performances, making it the-longest running musical in West End and Broadway history. Throughout the rehearsal Process I will be posting important facts and information that I have learnt throughout. This will benefit me as I will be able to reflect on the rehearsal process in the future.

The boyfriend is set in the early 1920’s in France/Niece, its about a group of young British girls who attend a finishing school in France, Madame Dubonnet is the head of the school who teaches the group girls on how to become well respected ladies. In the 1920s a lot changed within society for example it was the golden age for nightclubbing which lead to icons for example ladies wanted boyfriends, more male attention in order to look cool (I will discuss this in more detail in my next post). The lead character Polly is the only girl within the finishing school who doesn’t have a boyfriend therefore she invents one but later gets caught out my mademe dubonnet. As the story develops Polly actually ends up falling in love with a delivery boy called ‘Tony’ however conflict occurs because of ‘Conscious’ (Polly’s father) who has actually warned her explaining that she must keep away from males as they would only be using her for her fathers fortune. Throughout our production of ‘The Boyfriend’ I will be playing the character of ‘Fay’, who is one of the females within the school.

Below is a character profile:

  • Name- Fay
  • Age- 17- early 20s
  • where is she from- England
  • She is an only child therefore she is used to getting her own way.
  • From a very wealthy background
  • She has a boyfriend
  • Confident, Mature, likes to have fun however she is focussed but sometimes can get easily distracted ands also is rather daring( links in with the line ‘So is mine and rather daring too’.

I will continue to add to this character profile as I will get more of an understanding on my character ‘Fay’ as time develops.


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