Rehearsal Process

I have continued to work on my assessment repertoire and vocal exercises. Overall I feel like I am much stronger prepared compared to what I was in my lesson. I have most of all been working on my overall breath control. I have done this by using the exercise Gavin told me to use which is to, breath in for 3 then hiss for 3 and double it up each time. I have also timed myself on how long I can hiss for from just a normal breath which is 16.83 seconds and that is when I start by inhaling the sound of the first vowel. Therefore I am more than capable of performing the ‘e, ah, ar, or’ assessment chords without a problem because I can hold my breath for longer than the phrase. In order for me to perform these chords successfully in my assessment I need to remember to breath in the shape of the first vowel as this will get my prepared for the first phrase as well as having my soft palate risen in the correct shape. I also need to remember to speed up the pace of the whole phrase this way ill be much more supported throughout the whole phrase as ill have enough breath and finally I need to remember to look confident, even if I do feel as though im running out of breath. From developing my breath control it will also show and help me throughout my chosen repertoire. I honestly feel as though ‘Maybe I like it this way’ and I don’t know how to love him’ will be successful performances, I think this way because I feel 100% confident with both and I have also blocked these scenes now so I will be able to show the emotion as well as having good vocal technique. However I am worried about my final chosen piece which is ‘ What it means to be a friend’ this is because I don’t feel like I have had enough vocal training on this song in comparison to my other repertoires. Im also worrying about this because im finding it difficult to show characterisation and blocking. I do have a few ideas but in all honesty it’s putting my ideas to practice. And finally im worrying about this because Gavin said I should put an American accent on throughout my performance as it will show characterisation better and it will also help my vocal technique as ill have the correct placement.  I need to find myself the correct determination to spend at least 1 hour on this so I can work on the things im worrying about. I have also created my programme notes and sent all the vocal teachers my wordpress URL so I am much more organised and prepared than what I was in my last lesson. I will continue to work on my assessment set over the holidays.

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