I only have 2 more lessons before the assessment approaches, it’s important that I use my lessons to improve things that I am not too sure about in order for me to be able to reach the best possible grade. Today was a very productive lesson, we managed to do a lot of things in a short amount of time. We started the lesson by discussing what I think needs to be worked on, in this discussion I mentioned what I feel confident about and what could do with extra work. This is listed below:

Song study- Recap so I can put it to one side as I do feel confident with this.

‘I (ee) ow’ assessment chords- I think this doesn’t need any more work as I now feel confident.

‘e,ay,or,ar’ assessment chords- I think next week I should focus on this as I don’t feel as confident with this compared to the other chords.

Regarding my chosen repertoire (listed below) I think it’s essential to go through them all and analyse what I could add or work on to make my pieces much stronger and enjoyable.

  • Maybe I like it this way
  • What it means to be a friend
  • I don’t know how to love him

First of all we worked on the song study, I have been rehearsing this for months therefore I felt confident with this however when I originally got taught this Gavin didn’t clearly explain that the middle section on the lyrics ‘love’ were both sung in a higher octave. I thought it was just the last time of singing this lyric that was sung in a higher octave. Below is an attachment on how it should sound and how I was singing It originally. Also when singing the lyric ‘Love’ I need to remain open and think of singing ‘ah’ instead of ‘o’ this will make my diction sound much stronger. I also got told to work on the dynamics. I do feel confident with this, I’ll just have to rehearse it until I get used to singing the correct dynamics and the correct octave.

I don’t know how to love him:

We sung through this and then discussed what I could add to make it sound more interesting. We came to the conclusion that I should make the choruses (I never thought I’d come to this, what’s it all about…) sound different as it is repeated twice, I need to think what I could do to make it sound strong but effective, when I have made this decision I will post it on here. Also Gavin said I could add more dynamics to show my characters emotions, especially on the last verse, the lyrics ‘yet if he said he loved me’ especially. When singing these lyrics I need to act scared, my character is describing how she would feel if Jesus turned round and said he loved her. I could show this emotion by not singing these lyrics as loud and as clear compared to others throughout the song.

Maybe I like it this way:

This was a success and it doesn’t need much work, however I need to make sure my diction is clear at all times for instance on the lyrics ‘if I could change’ I need to remember to make the ‘f’ a long vowel. If I do this it makes the song sound much stronger but it also makes the key change sound clearer and more confident.

What it means to be a friend:

We didn’t get chance to sing through the whole song however I asked Gavin to go through the belty section with me which I have discussed on previous posts. I wanted to confirm that I still had the correct nasally placement, which after a few attempts I managed to do. Next week I will be performing this to Gavin but I need to remember to not ‘hide’ on the belty sections and go for it like I do with my other chosen repertoire.

I am feeling confident about the upcoming assessment, there is a few things I need to rehearse in order for my songs and overall performance be the best I can possibly do, I need to remember to be confident and put 110% effort in!!

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