Rehearsal Process.

This week I didn’t attend my singing lesson as I wasn’t feeling 100% I felt extremely guilty for missing my lesson but sometimes these things cant be avoided. In the mean time I have been running through my chosen rep for the upcoming assessments. I feel confident with all 3 of my songs however I think it would be beneficial for me to go over ‘What it means to be a friend’ with Gavin. I can now hit all of the notes with in this song without them sounding weak however Im not as confident with this song as  I am with my over 2. My aim is to try and get all of my chosen repertoire at the same standard. In order for me to be able to do this ill have to keep going through all of my rep on a regular basis. I have also been rehearsing the assessment chords and the song study. In my opinion I reckon I will be fine with the song study and the I-aw(r) chords, I think this because I feel confident with them and when im rehearsing these im not hesitating. However when I am rehearsing the ‘ie,ay,or,ar’ chords, I find myself hesitating and doubting what I am singing. On Mondays lesson I will speak to Gavin and explain to him what I think is essential for me to work on,go through again before the assessment. Overall I think I am nearly ready for the assessment and I also think I will be happy with the work I present because I know im working to the best of my ability.

I  need to remain positive and focussed in order for me to achieve! 

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