Rehearsal Process

Gavin told me to try and find a connection with the lyrics in order to make my performance much easier for me to connect with and to also make the audience believe what I am singing about, therefore I have looked at the lyrics and thought about what lyrics I could connect with especially:

A friends not a cheap little phony creep – These lyrics are the first words the audience will hear therefore they need to be believable. Whilst singing these lyrics I need to think about what I actually think a friend shouldn’t be which in my opinion a friend shouldn’t be untrustworthy or faithful. The lyrics ‘a friend is the person who most of all cares about what you feel’, I should be able to easily be able to connect to these lyrics as they suggest what I actually think a friend should be. When singing the lyrics ‘A friends outside waiting the minute you both hear the bell’ I should think about when I was in high school and friends of mine would be outside the class room waiting for me. I have looked at the whole piece carefully and I have come up with thoughts that I should think to myself whilst singing each lyric to make it believable and also much easier and enjoyable for me to perform. Overall I will be trying to put myself into the characters shoes but using personal experiences.

I have also being continuing to use the ‘NYA’ technique to find the correct placement for the higher lyric ‘there’ however I am still finding it difficult to make the sound nasally this is because I am not used to placing my voice in my nasal area, I have only placed my voice in my chest and head in the past so im not used to the feeling of a nasally sound, however I will continue to do this technique and hopefully I soon will be placing the sound in the correct place.

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