What It Means To Be A Friend- Chosen Rep


‘What It Means to be a Friend’ is from 13 The Musical which started to run in 2007. Music and Lyrics are by Jason Robert Brown and there was a book published by Dan Elish and Robert Horn. The story line is about a child who moves from New York to a small town called Indiana. The child is called Evan Goldman Grappled and he moves to Indiana with his parents who have recently divorced. The story line consists of the negatives and complicated socials of attending a new school and having to meet new friends.

‘What it means to be a friend’ is performed at the end of the first act by Patrice who is identified as an intelligent book worm. Patrice and Evan have been best friends for many years however Evan doesn’t invite her to his party which results in a tiff which is when Patrice sings the song ‘What it means to be a friend’. She sings this to one off Evans friends ‘Archie’ who is trying to explain the importancy of Evan and Patrice becoming friends again. This song explains the importantcy and expectations a 13 year old girl has on real friendship. For instance the first lyrics are ‘A friends not a cheap little phony creep or a jerk trying to make a deal’ these lyrics are obviously indicated at Evan who hasn’t invited her to his party. The lyrics to this song are below:
A friends not a cheap little phony creep
Or a jerk trying to make a deal
A friend is a person who, most of all,
Cares about what you feel;
And nothing is harder
Than learning a friend isn’t real

A friend sends notes back and forth all day
And doesn’t care that you cant spell
A friend knows you’ve got a crush on your teacher,
But a friend would never tell
A friends outside waiting
The minute you both hear the bell

And if your heart is always breaking
Cause the world is just not fair
When you’re at your worst
Your friends the first one there
Giving you something to lean on
And that’s what it means to be a friend

A friend wont smoke when she’s in your room
Or laugh at the poems you write
A friend won’t go start kissing your brother
The minute that you’re out of sight
A friend is the person
You call sixteen times every night

And if your heart is always breaking
and you want to run and hide
When your hope is gone
Your friend is on your side

If someone moves in round the corner
And you want to show him you care
So you give him all your last month of vacation
And all of the time you can spare
But then, on the first day of classes
He acts like you’re not even there,
Then he doesn’t know
He doesn’t know!
He’ll never know what it means
To be a friend

To me the majority of these lyrics are explaining how she feels about the situation with Evan, when I perform this song I will have to remember that I am trying to act like a 13 year old girl therefore its important that my facial expressions and gestures help indicate this. I am looking forward to learning this song as I believe it will be a challenge and it will also give me the opportunity to show my characterisation skills off and finally this song is great to use in my assessment as it is extremely contrasting compared to my other reps which are ‘ I don’t know how to love him’ and ‘Maybe I like it this way’.

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