Rehearsal Process

Since my last lesson I have been focussing on familiarising myself with the tune of my new chosen rep which is ‘What it means to be a friend’ I have done this by listening to instrumental covers and the original soundtrack. I do believe this method is working however I also think I should ask Gavin to play the piece through in my next lesson and I will record it so I can make sure I have the correct instrumental and make myself aware of the tune and timing this way I will be more prepared for the upcoming assessment. I have also been working on the assessment chords and focussing on not trying to tense up therefore whilst I have been rehearsing these chords I have been doing other activities for instance washing up or walking round. I have identified that when I do other activities whilst rehearsing these assessment chords I don’t think too much about the vocals which results in the overall sound been much smoother, clearer and stronger. I have also identified that when I don’t over think or try as hard my breath control is much stronger and it lasts for longer.

I have to let myself be aware that sometimes over trying can result in my vocals not been as strong or clear as they could be!

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