In this week’s lesson we started by going through the assessment chords, which have significantly improved since we started working on them in December, however there is still improvement to be made. Gavin and I have identified that when I sing through these chords I tense up and this is because im trying too hard, but when I don’t think about the piece as much I can do it to a better standard. I honestly believe when it comes to rehearsing and performing these chords I need to not think about it as much as I am at the moment this been because when I think about them I tense up which then results in my jaw and overall sound been tense which makes the transition between vowels more difficult. In this lesson we also discussed my chosen piece ‘I love you I do’ from Dream girls. I was honest with Gavin and told him that I am worried about the high note which I have previously discussed in my last post. Gavin understood what I was trying to say and he also advised me not to do this number for the coming up assessment. After a discussion we decided that my chosen piece will now be ‘What it means to be a friend’ from 13 the musical. This repertoire is a good choice for me as it will enable me to show my higher range and it will also enable me to show characterisation as it is performed by a 13 year old girl who is having trouble at school with other peers. I am happy with this piece and I will make sure I have memorised the tune and lyrics for my next lesson. In this weeks lesson we also went through the song study for the assessment. Gavin was surprised as throughout the whole piece I was in my chest voice and the study wasn’t uncomfortable for me as all notes were in my range. However I need to work on the correct placement and anchoring for the high ‘Love’ section. I will do this by rehearsing this on a regular basis. I just need to be confident when finding the correct placement as I am aware of the tune and notes.

In this post I have attached an audio recording of me rehearsing the song study, however the recording device isn’t brilliant therefore some parts sound pitchy:

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