In Mondays lesson we didn’t work on much as I wasn’t feeling 100% due to an ear infection and being full of cold. However we did work on the assessment chords, Gavin identified that im still not singing the vowels in a legato style, I sing each vowel separately, he also identified that I was trying too hard to articulate each vowel. I do believe I was trying too hard and this was because of feeling ill, I still wanted to create a big sound however it was obvious I was trying too hard. When Gavin told me to stop working as hard the overall sound created was better as the vowel chords were much smoother and clearer, I need to realise that too much effort at once can sometimes have a negative effect. These particular chords are something that I need to keep working on in my own time in order for them to be performed correctly. I took all of my suggested rep to this lesson and we have decided that ‘I Love you I Do’ from Dream girls will be the song I will be working on over the next couple of weeks. I am happy about this rep however I didn’t notice how many transitions there actually are from chest to head voice one section im generally worried about is ‘ Its almost too good to be true’ im worried about this as the note is a high G which means i will have to sing these lyrics in my head voice which isn’t as strong as my chest voice. Therefore the higher notes will lack a belting, strong sound. I have to remain positive in order for this song to become a successful performance.

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