Rehearsal Process

I have been using the method that Gavin introduced me too in my last lesson, which is to use my hand to help me find the correct placement and overall sound. I do still believe this technique does work, I know I still need to work on the descending chords especially when it comes to my jaw moving. I have identified that when I have the correct placement and think of rising instead of descending for these chords my jaw doesn’t move as much. I am determined to get these assessment chords to a high enough standard therefore I will continue to work on them! I have also thought off some contrasting, character songs, my suggestions are listed below:

  1. Dreamgirls- I love you I do
  2. Company- Another hundred people
  3. 13 the musical- What it means to be a friend

I have printed all of the sheet music for these songs listed above and I have also being listening to all of them so I am aware of the tuning for my singing lesson as Gavin and I will make a final decision on what song we will now be working on. My personal favourite is ‘I love you I do’ this is because I think it will give me the opportunity to show my voice off as there are many riffs and big transitions throughout this song, I also see this song as a challenge and I believe in order for me to perform to the best of my ability and to keep developing as a performer I need to be challenged!


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