Today I had my first lesson after the Christmas holidays, we continued to work on the assessment chords and Gavin introduced me to a new technique that he used to do in his own singing lessons to help find the correct placement as well as helping the soft palate rise to create a stronger sound. The technique was to use my hand and bring it up as I was going through the chords, when we did this we identified that the placement was correct and that the overall sound was much clearer and smoother. We also started to do this on the descending chords and we also identified that the sound was overall much clearer. Like Gavin said people may find this technique not useful and rather silly however I found that it did work. I also think it was a distraction, by this I mean I was focussing on moving my hand correctly which took focus of the singing, I tend to work myself too hard when it comes to singing by this I mean moving my jaw too much, but because I was thinking about the placement of my hand I didn’t move my jaw or work my vocals more than necessary. In this lesson I also sang through ‘Maybe I like it this way’, it was successful and Gavin said that he could tell I had been working on the ‘belting section’ over the holidays, as my confidence with this part had improved so much! One weakness we identified and that needs to be worked on is finding the correct emotion and continuing the same emotion after a breath, I have decided that ‘Maybe I like it this way’ is the song I will now be using for my acting through song assessment, this way I’ll be able to work on the correct emotion as well as the monologue section. We also identified that I need to work on the last section of this song, I need to build the last section of the song for a great finish. I will work on this in my own time as I would like to make this song a successful performance. Gavin said we will put this song to a side for a while as he believes it’s up to a strong enough standard. For next lesson I need to get sheet music for songs that I would like to use as my third song for the singing assessments in March. My plan is to go to the library some point this week and get sheet music for contrasting, character style songs. I will keep you updated with how this goes!

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