Singing Assessment

In my last lesson before the Christmas break I had my singing assessment, I was rather nervous for this as I had never had an assessment before, however it was successful and I managed to achieve a high 2:1 which I am frilled about. I performed a range of different skills for instance I used different techniques that Gavin and I worked on when we was rehearsing this song in September for instance good diction, tuning, timing an characterisation. However Gavin said that he could see that in some points of the song it looked like I was having an debate with myself as sometimes I would put 100% effort in and let go but then in other parts of the song I would hold back and become slightly timid. When Gavin pointed this out to me, I immediately understood as I am aware this is something I do and I believe it’s due to confidence and I also believe my confidence will continue to develop which will allow me to overcome this for future assessment’s and performances.

Below is an image of the assessment brief grading criteria:


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