Over The Christmas Holidays!

I have been working on many things other the Christmas break, for instance I have been looking at my chosen rep ‘Maybe I like it this way’ in relation to this song I have been working on lyric memory, confidence, blocking, emotion and timing. Before we broke up for the holidays I asked Gavin to play the music on the piano the whole way through so I could record it and then rehearse the song in my own time with the correct instrumental. Im extremely glad that Gavin did this for me as I now feel confident with the timing of the song. I have also been blocking the song, by this I mean I have been thinking what I can do for each verse etc. For example what emotions I can show by using gestures and facial expressions. I now feel confident with this song, but I hope when I return back to the Arden I can sing this to Gavin the way I have been doing in my own rehearsal time. Other the holidays I have also been learning the lyrics to ‘Once upon a time’ from Brooklyn, which is a song that Gavin and I agreed to work on before the holidays as we both believe this will be a challenge for me. I am aware of this song from previous singing lessons that I had at my old school however I have never had the correct training on it so hopefully when I start to work on this song I will learn a range of techniques to help my transition between notes be clear and powerful. Im looking forward to working on this song as I honestly believe it will be a challenge that I will hopefully overcome! I have also continued to sing through the descending assessment chords both slowly and fast, I am slowly seeing an improvement with this but it’s still something I will have to continue to work on in order for my jaw and head to remain still whilst singing descending notes. I have also been working on the song study that I recorded before the holidays, to be truthful I feel like this is something that I do need to continue to work on as im still not aware of the lyrics. And finally Gavin and I spoke before the holidays regarding new repertoire for the next few months, we agreed that I need to sing a song that shows a different character for instance someone who’s fun, happy instead of singing songs that use characters that are having emotional difficulties etc. Im still unsure on a song which will meet this criteria, however after having a think I thought of a few that might, these are listed below:

Chicago- All that Jazz
Cabaret- Maybe This Time
Footloose- Holding out for a Hero/ Let’s Hear it for the boy
Rent- Take Me or Leave Me (SOLO)

I will suggest these songs to Gavin in my first lesson back and see what he thinks.


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