On the 8th Decemeber we started the lesson by working on the chord assessment exercises, Gavin said that I need to concentrate on one vowel at a time over a set of semiquavers and not to rush each phrase. We also identified that at times I separate each vowel especially on the descending chords, there a video attached to this post to show what I mean by singing each vowel separately and to also show how my jaw moves more when singing the descending chords. I have also attached a video of me singing each phrase without a gap. Gavin said in order for me to be able to sing each vowel correctly without them been separate is to think of pulling with my soft palate (yawning feeling) and also to think of my lower support. If I think and do these things it will make it easier for me to sing each phrase/vowel correctly. In this lesson we also sang through my chosen song ‘I don’t know how to love him’ for my singing assessment which will be taking place next week, I sung through this to make sure that I had remember all of the techniques that Gavin taught me when we was working on this repertoire at the beginning of September. I managed to perform this song to a good standard and I did put all of the techniques into the song that Gavin and I had worked on previously. The only criticism I received was to think of different ways of expressing the lyrics ‘I don’t know how to love him’ this is because these lyrics are constantly repeated throughout the song. It was ironic that Gavin said this to me because in my acting through song lessons Gareth said to me I need to think of all of the different meanings these lyrics could mean. I am feeling confident about my singing assessment next week as I believe this song is now at a high enough standard. In this lesson Gavin and I also discussed new rep ideas for me to learn other the Christmas holidays. There were plenty of suggestions that were made but my personal favourite is ‘Once upon a time’ from Brooklyn the musical. This is my personal favourite as I believe it will be extremely challenging for me as throughout this song there are a lot of transitions from chest to head voice and this is something I believe I need to work on. Other suggestions include:

• Ghost- With You
• Anything Goes- Anything Goes
• Company- Another Hundred People Got Of The Train
• Tell me on a Sunday- Tell me on a Sunday
• Fame-Out Here On My Own

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