Rehearsal Process

I have continued to work on the assessment chords however I have been focusing on the descending phrases instead of the ascending. I personally believe I have hacked the ascending phrases as my jaw doesn’t move as much as I have found the correct placement and I am now using the correct muscles instead of my jaw however I know I still need to work on the descending phrases as my jaw still moves a hell of a lot. I think this is because I haven’t yet found the correct placement, I understand if I keep rehearsing the exercise slowly the correct placement will come within time, therefore I am going to continue working on this until I identify an immediately improvement. I do believe singing through the phrase is helping me as I do find for certain vowel e.g ‘AR’ my jaw isn’t moving much at all both when I do it fast and slow. However Im still finding the immediately transition of vowels from ‘OR’ to ‘AR’ difficult, but Im sure this will become much easier within time. Last lesson I recorded Gavin singing the song study so I can continue rehearsing and listening to it in my own time, Im still getting used to the tune so I wouldn’t say I am yet confident with it however I am familiarising myself with the tune and pitch, soon I will start to focus on learning the lyrics. In relation to my chosen rep ‘Out here on my own’ I have identified since Gavin and I had the conversation about confidence and self-belief I am finding it easier to sing the ‘Big, belting part’ of the song, however this is in my own rehearsal time when there is nobody listening to me. I have recorded myself singing this section and I will attach it to the post, I just hope I can sing this part of the song in my next lesson with confidence!

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