Rehearsal Process

I have been working on singing each vowel of the assessment chords slowly and each phrase separately Whilst doing this I have had to keep my mouth in the shape of the vowel and try not to change the positioning when going up or down the scale, I have identified that I tend to move the positioning of my jaw more when going down the scale, I also move my head for each vowel, I believe this is due to old habits however because I am now aware that I do this I can try prevent myself from doing it by watching myself in the mirror and identifying when I do it etc. Overall my jaw moves more when singing down the scale, I have identified that when I have been singing each phrase slowly my jaw doesn’t move much at all this is more than likely because I am thinking about not rushing the phase and spending time on it whilst thinking about other techniques. I have also carried out some independent research in relation to my chosen repertoire ‘Maybe I like it this way’ I thought it was important that I watched a range of different singers performing this song so I could identify how they show emotion throughout the performance. I have attached my personal favourite below, this performance is my favourite because ‘Lippa’ the lady singing the song uses her hands to express her emotion which is something I do, you can also identify the emotion within her face, she has great facial expressions. For instance when she sings the lyrics ‘I like the way he combs his hair’ she smiles and briefly laughs to herself. Overall the way this is performed is the way I aim to perform it also, however I will add some changes for instance different blocking and gestures. I have also looked at the lyrics and thought of different gestures to add to my performance.

Fast forward to 1.17.

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