on the 1/12/15 we worked on many things in my lesson, for starters we went over the assessment chords, I sung through them as a warm up and Gavin and I noticed that when I sing the chords ascending my jaw doesn’t move and my placement is spot on as my soft pallet is always risen however when I am singing the chords descending I tend to lose the placement and my jaw and head moves for each vowel. Gavin suggested that I continue to rehearse this using the same method as I did last time which is to sing each vowel separately but slowly, he said I need to focus on the descending vowels now and not so the ascending as my placement is correct for the ascending chords. In this lesson we also worked on first page of the song study, I found this difficult as I have never come across this before therefore I recorded Gavin singing it so I can work on the timing and tune in my own time, I think this song study has a beautiful tune and I also think the lyrics are interesting as they will allow me to show emotion whilst singing it. In this lesson we also continued to work on my chosen rep ‘Maybe I like I this way’ in this lesson we both identified that I don’t believe in myself when it comes to singing the ‘big’ section. Towards the end of this song there is a big, belting section the lyrics been:

Maybe tomorrow it comes crashing down,
Maybe next week I’ll find another clown,
Maybe I’ll try to go a different way,
But look who’s sitting here today.

If I could change,
If I could grow,
I’d ask for nothing more,
And through that door I’d go,
But if I’m through
Why do I stay?

This section requires a lot of emotion and belting in order for the message to be communicated correctly however because I don’t believe in myself, im lacking confidence which then leads to this section not been at a strong enough level in order for it to be successful. Gavin and I had a conversation on how I could start to believe in myself and he said I need to let myself go because I do have a good belting sound. I honestly know that I am more than capable of performing this section of the song to an extremely high standard therefore I need to work on it in my own time and just let myself go!


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