Rehearsal Process

Since my last lesson I have been sent some rep from Gavin, the songs he sent me were ‘Maybe I like it this way’ from The Wild Party, ‘With You’ from Ghost and ‘Anything Goes’ from Anything Goes. The only song I had previously heard off was ‘With You’ therefore I had to listen to the other two to see what I thought. I thoroughly liked ‘Maybe I like it this way’ and I thought it would be a challenge for me. I have decided to choose this song as my chosen rep so Gavin and I can work on it. I will continue to listen to this and get sheet music so I can work on it in my next lesson. I have also been rehearsing the assessment chords, i am now aware of the tune so I know when to change vowel however I have identified that my jaw is moving for each vowel change especially on the vowels ‘OR’ and ‘AR’ so I have been trying to hold my jaw whilst rehearsing this so I can prevent it from moving. (This is shown in the video attachment above). I have also identified that I run out of and I am forcing the last bar of the assessment. I looked back on previous notes from Gavin and when I last had this issue with the other assessment he told me to take a deep breath in with my mouth already been in the shape of the starting phrase in this case the starting phrase is ‘ee’ so when I am inhaling I am now putting my mouth into the shape of ‘ee’. I do believe this method has worked as I am now identifying that I can do the whole phrase in one big breath.

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