On the 03/11/14 during my singing lesson Gavin and I started the second assessment chords, in comparison to the first assessment chords we looked at this one is definitely more difficult. This is because there are 4 vowel changes throughout these been (i)’ee’, (Ay), (Or) ‘O’ and (Ar). I find it extremely difficult to change the vowel at the correct time, In order for me to be able to overcome this I need to learn the tune and the timing for each vowel, in the lesson I recorded this so I can work on it in my own time. In relation to these assessment chords Gavin has also mentioned that Id to make sure I don’t move my jaw for each note and vowel, I need to keep my jaw firm in order for the transition to be smooth. Gavin told me to work on the first vocal exercise that we did in my first lesson, this been the ‘AH’ exercise he said it would help develop my transition between the vowels for this exercise. Throughout the lesson I also asked Gavin if he would be able to do some research and provide me with some rep that he thinks would suit my voice, I did this as I wanted a professional opinion on what style of songs suit my vocal range and style.

Below is an image of the new assessment chords that I am working on:


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