Singing lesson

This week in my singing lesson we started the first exercise for the assessments. At first I found it extremely difficult as I have never done sight singing before therefore I couldn’t pick it up, however after Gavin played the tune a few times on the piano I found it much easier to follow the music and do the exercise. This exercise has two vowels throughout these been ‘e’ and ‘aw’ as I was carrying this exercise out I identified I was moving my jaw for the vowel change therefore the transition between weren’t smooth. Gavin said I need to keep my jaw open which will make the transition more smooth and clear, I need to try place the ‘e’ at the top of the vowel which should feel like my soft palate is risen and not from underneath. In this lesson I recorded the tune of the assessment so I can work on it in my own time. Also in this lesson we worked on my chosen song ‘I don’t know how to love him’, one weakness that we identified was that my diction wasn’t clear for instance when I was singing the word ‘I’ it sounded as if I was briefly saying ‘hi’ therefore Gavin made me go up and down the scale saying ‘I’ and removing the ‘H’ from it. Diction is something that I know I need to work on therefore I am going to set myself some independent homework which is to find a good vocal exercise that will help develop my overall diction.
Below is an image of the vocal assesment chords:

In this post i have also attached a recording of myself practising this vocal assesment in my lesson:

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