On the 6/10/14 in my singing lesson we continued to work on the vocal exercise that I have identified in my previous posts. I explained to Gavin that I have been finding it hard to control my breath for the exercise so we looked at different ways of making sure I had enough breath to get the whole phrase without the sound been forced. We identified that I need to take a deep breath in but with my mouth been in the shape of ‘AH’ and not ‘UH’ or ‘A’ if I do this it will make sure I anchor the correct sound. We also carried out a few vocal exercises that are aimed to work on/develop breath control. An example of a vocal exercise we used was to take a deep breath in and hiss, this is to work on smoothness and controlled breath releases, after doing this exercise I was aware that I was forcing too much air out at once which explained why I found it hard to sing the last part of the phrase and In order for me to overcome this I need to release my breath as a steady stream basically meaning a steady pace and not forcing too much out at once otherwise I will become out of breath way too fast. Also in today’s lesson I sung through both of my prepared songs which were ‘I don’t know how to love him’ from Jesus Christ Superstar and ‘My name is Tallulah’ from Bugsy Malone. After Gavin heard these we decided to choose one piece to thoroughly work on throughout my lessons, we decided to choose ‘I don’t know how to love him’.

Below there is a picture of what the lungs, diaphragm do whilst inhaling, I have included this picture so I am aware:

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