Rehearsal process

After carrying out some research and thinking about what songs would suit my vocal style I have decided to have ‘I don’t know how to love him’ from Jesus Christ Superstar as one of my chosen songs. I have decided to choose this song as I am already aware of the lyrics and I believe it also shows off my vocals. This song has a lot of emotion behind it as the song describes an unrequited love that Mary has for Jesus. In order for this song to be performed correctly I must have a lot of emotion in my voice as well as my actions. This song has many transitions throughout therefore I also would be able to use some of the skills that I have already learnt throughout my lessons, for instance the lyrics ‘I never thought id come to this, what’s it all about’would be a great example of a transition.  I have also decided to pick ‘My name is Tallulah’ from Bugsy Malone as my second song.  I have decided to choose this song as I believe it’s extremely contrasting to my first choice, it has a contrasting vocal style and character profile. I believe both songs are extremely contrasting and suit my vocal style completely. I have also been practising the ‘Ah’ exercise and observing myself in the mirror to see if my jaw still moves as much, it is improving however my jaw still moves far too much than what it should, I will continue to work on this.

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