My rehearsal process after my first singing lesson 29/09/14

In this post I will be explaining what I have been rehearsing in my own time after my first singing lesson with Gavin Bailey. 

I have been rehearsing the vocal techniques that Gavin Bailey introduced me too in my first lesson to try prevent my jaw moving as much whilst singing. He told me that massaging the jaw before singing is a great way to loosen the muscles, therefore this week I have massaged my jaw before rehearsing. However to identify if this technique actually worked for me I decided to sing through my repertoire ‘Out Here On My Own’ from Fame without massaging my jaw, whilst rehearsing I stood in front of a mirror to make myself aware of how much I actually move my jaw. When I sung through my song without massaging my jaw beforehand I noticed for every phrase my jaw moved into a different position, for example when I would sing the lyrics ‘Sometimes I wonder’ my jaw was closed and didn’t move, I believe this was because there is no change in pitch whilst these lyrics are sung however when I sung the lyrics ‘Out Here On My Own’ my jaw was open and moved for each word and I believe this was because these lyrics are sung in a different pitch for each word. When I massaged my jaw before rehearsing I noticed that my jaw didn’t move as much compered to singing the song without massaging my jaw, however my jaw is still moving far too much than what it should. I do believe this exercise that Gavin provided me with is extremely beneficial but I also think it’s something that I will have to continue to do before I identify an immediate change. I have also been rehearsing the vocal scale that Gavin introduced me too (this is attached to my previous post), this exercise was to develop my legato. Whilst rehearsing this I have identified that I find it difficult to sing the whole phrase in one breath, I feel like I’m forcing the last few notes instead of it coming to me naturally therefore I think breath control is something that I should work on. There is an attachment of me rehearsing this scale below:

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